• Hyper-Realistic Avatars

    The world’s first roster of hyper-realistic avatars based on Elite World Group’s renowned international models, celebrities and cultural personalities.


    Transform your products into shoppable 3D items, showing unique detail, texture and construction that increases consumer engagement. Customers can interact with digitized collections through e-commerce, virtual stores, AR experiences, social content and more.

  • Immersive Content

    Transport consumers into immersive new worlds through virtual content and experiences including CGI films and campaigns, AR filters, VR activations, video games and live streaming.

  • V-Commerce

    Increase shopper interest and improve conversion through customized virtual and AR shopping experiences that seamlessly integrate into your existing e-commerce platform.

EWG Virtual

An innovative virtual marketing agency transforming consumer experiences

The Gateway into the Metaverse

Using breakthrough digital technology, emerging media and the world's top cultural talent, the company is revolutionizing the commerce experience for brands and consumers